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#ASX #Gold Stock Update - 8 December 2019
Created Date : 10/12/2019

Discussion of M&A in the Gold space in recent weeks on the ASX and in Canada. Stock specific discussion on $SAR, $PRU, $SBM, $WAF, $ADT and $CDV.

Good news keeps coming today!
Created Date : 09/12/2019

$ODM Odin Metals #Copper #Zinc #Silver
Abitibi Continues to Deliver High-Grade Drilling Success

Speculation is over, great news from $LEG #ASX #Nickel Legend Discovers Massive Nickel-Copper Sulphides at Rockford

EON NRG Ltd ann - Log Analysis Confirms Oil Pay in First PRB Well
Created Date : 04/12/2019

@EonNRG $E2E #oilandgas
worth researching, project focused & in production, board own over 9%, DYOR

Heap Leaching: Is it something that could be an alternative to conventional gold extraction?
Created Date : 01/12/2019

World’s largest lithium resources could be up for grabs as political upheaval grips Bolivia
Created Date : 27/11/2019

Only 1 #ASX & 8 #TSX #TSXV #mining companies in Bolivia
Cobalt hydroxide price up 55% in three months
Created Date : 27/11/2019

201 #ASX companies engaged in #Cobalt
651 projects/deposits 526 exploring 5 new acquisitions & 120 in advanced stage
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EU to witness fastest growth in indirect demand for battery metals — report
Created Date : 26/11/2019

Is China locking up Indonesian nickel?
Created Date : 24/11/2019

The government and #nickel miners association agreed to halt exports immediately. As it has done with cobalt, graphite and rare earths, China appears to be locking up the #nickel market.
Click here to view article
Will nickel continue to outperform other base metals?
Created Date : 23/11/2019

Why #Palladium Is Suddenly the Most Precious Metal
Created Date : 23/11/2019

Only 37 #ASX mining companies engaged in Palladium. There are 70 projects/deposits, 54 in exploration, 5 in PFS, 5 in production & 6 in Scoping study. $ZIM has largest resource of the ASX stocks. MC up 80% in 2019

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MakCorps new daily scan of ASX Resource stocks
Created Date : 21/11/2019

MakCorp are developing a short term daily report for #ASX #Resources #Mining #oilandgas #Commodi stocks

Sample below of scan for 20/11/19
As you can see, some have appeared on daily scan more than once, of those, some SP have gone up, some down

This includes 3 type of data sets & will include
1. Latest Bank Balance
2. Most recent CR info
3. Latest Director shares
4. Latest T20 SH Substantial Changes Date
5. Commodities each company are engaged in

Over the next few weeks we are working on different analysis on the above. They daily scan report is NOT financial advice, DYOR. Stocks will appear on report for different reasons.

MakCorp Daily Scans ASX Resources Stocks Report - MTC huge gains
Created Date : 21/11/2019

Like them or not, havent seen stats like this in quite a while with $MTC

#ASX #Mining #Investors #Commodities #Gold

This is one of MakCorps Daily Scans on stocks to watch report DYOR

other stocks mentioned $JMS $OZL $SKY $VML
EON NRG LTD - announcement - Spudding of Govt Kaehne 9-29 well
Created Date : 21/11/2019

#ASX #oilandgas $E2E @EonNRG

Australia’s mining industry on cusp of electrification, blockchain and AI
Created Date : 20/11/2019

90% Of Electric Car Owners Won't Return To Gas
Created Date : 19/11/2019

Watch this video to see how to find projects quickly using MakCorp
Created Date : 18/11/2019

Want to see how you can research #ASX #TSX #TSXV #mining #projects data quickly? See how with MakCorp via

#Commodities #Stages #Locations & more
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This is sponsored by Eon NRG Limited (ASX: E2E)
@EonNRG #oilandgas
#Nickel Monthly News For October 2019
Created Date : 18/11/2019

Coffee with Samso - Episode 026 - Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX: $BSX)
Created Date : 16/11/2019

@Blackstone_BSX Developing the Ta Khoa $Nickel Project in Vietnam
Disclosure: am invested in BSX
IMO one of only a few ASX Nickel stocks to research
New financing measures to help build critical minerals sector
Created Date : 15/11/2019

Seeking Alpha - Nickel Is Hot Right Now - The Nickel Boom May Have Just Begun
Created Date : 14/11/2019

I agree with this and there some great nickel stocks to research
Coffee with Samso - Andromeda Metals Limited $ADN
Created Date : 14/11/2019

The Halloysite and the Kaolin Industry - The Myth and Facts

Lots of positive talk about this opportunity,I would still like to see the MD invest his own money. Is this important to you as an investor?
Blackstone Minerals managing director increases stake
Created Date : 06/11/2019

A Nickel stock worth researching
METALS-LME copper set for 3rd straight daily gain on supply worries
Created Date : 06/11/2019
Silver stocks on the ASX: The Ultimate Guide
Created Date : 06/11/2019

Helpful insight to Silver & the ASX silver stocks
ASX Gold Stock Update - 3 November 2019
Created Date : 04/11/2019

Stocks featured: $RSG, $SBM, $NST, $PRU, $RRL, $SAR, $MML, $GOR, $CDV and $WAF.

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E2E Eon NRG Ann
Created Date : 14/10/2019

E2E Eon NRG Ann - Drilling Update - Powder River Basin

Click here to read full announcement

Odin Metals - High Grade Zn results Extends Mineralisation at Abitibi
Created Date : 14/10/2019

ASX Gold Stocks Update - 13 October 2019
Created Date : 13/10/2019

Stocks featured: $RSG, $PRU, $SLR, $RMS, $DCN, $MML, $RED, $GOR, $RRL, $SAR, $CDV, $WAF

ASX Resources Daily Update
Created Date : 28/08/2019

#ASX #Resource #Volumes for 27/08 were 1,350,325,349

Average MC gain/loss was 1.03%

#oilandgas performed well $STX $WGO

$EAR also performed well #Gold

all up 30% or more

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China’s economic growth slows to 27-year low, worrying signs for Australia
Created Date : 20/07/2019
MakNews V1.4 12/07/19
Created Date : 18/07/2019

MakNews focuses on ASX Resource industry statistics, trends, news, insights, and performances of stocks and commodities. Click here Http://Bit.Ly/2LosvaV to view V1.4 for week ending 12/07/19

Mining vs lifestyle
Created Date : 27/06/2019

Mining vs lifestyle: where resource companies are really spending their money -

Scoping study issues continue to plague ASX-listed explorers
Created Date : 21/06/2019

Interesting article by Stockhead - Scoping study issues continue to plague ASX-listed explorers

The global transition to clean energy, explained in 12 charts
Created Date : 20/06/2019

Great article and insights

The global transition to clean energy, explained in 12 charts

MakCorp News 14/06/19
Created Date : 18/06/2019

MakCorp are pleased to release our very first newsletter to you. It focuses on ASX Resource industry statistics, trends, insights, and performances of stocks and commodities. Click here to view V1.0 for week ending 14/06/19

Worlds 10 most precious metals
Created Date : 08/06/2019

Hello All, I came across a website that may be of value to you. It shows you the worlds TOP 10 precious metals. It outlines their main uses and which countries their commonly found. Click here to view

Australian Government launches plan to capture opportunities in critical minerals
Created Date : 03/04/2019

The unspoken crimes of the ASX — part 6
Created Date : 22/02/2019

Stockhead article on ASX Resource companies project spend versus Staff/Admin spend
Created Date : 01/02/2019

Article today published by on companies spend versus staff & admin spend. Good news is that most are spending more on projects. Some interesting statistics. Data provided by . Click here to read the article

DJ Carmichael - Bulls, Bears & Brokers: Davide Bosio sees roadshow activity picking up
Created Date : 30/01/2019

Davide Bosio, managing director, CEO & head of corporate finance at DJ Carmichael, speaks to Proactive Investors about an uptick in roadshow activity, also discussing the latest raisings and rumours in the market

Click here to watch the interview

Watch the interview with Craig Lennon from Highlands Pacific at 2018 Noosa Mining and Exploration Conference
Created Date : 19/09/2018

Super Pit at Kalgoorlie
Created Date : 06/08/2018

We are here at Diggers & Dealers this week. so visited the Super Pit

News Page Update
Created Date : 02/08/2018

Hello To All Our Readers and Clients,

Our news page has been NOT been updated with news recently due to lots of new and exciting developments with our research platform and reporting.  Our news page will be back up and running with articles in 2019.  We appreciate your patience and support.



Client Profile - Highlands Pacific (ASX: HIG)
Created Date : 17/07/2018

Highlands Pacific (ASX: HIG) is one of very few ASX listed companies producing COBALT now and with strong leverage to NICKEL, COPPER, and GOLD. Click here to view their website or call to discuss their projects on (07) 3239 7800

2018 AGM Managing Director's Presentation
Weekly News - July 9th to July 15th
Created Date : 09/07/2018

ASX Announcements done better, Click here to view

Mining/Resource News:

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News On ASX Mining Companies:

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UK unveils extensive new plan to go all-electric by 2040

Medical Marijuana Cannabis News:

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Weekly News - July 2nd 25th to July 8th
Created Date : 02/07/2018

ASX Announcements done better, Click here to view

Mining/Resource News:

     Stockhead - Exclusive News about emerging ASX listed companies

    Small Caps is Australia's #1 site for market news & information on ASX listed small cap companies

News On ASX Mining Companies:

Electrical Vehicle, Battery & Energy News:

Medical Marijuana Cannabis News:

Other News:

Weekly ASX Drilling Information for mining companies from June 25th to July 1st
Created Date : 25/06/2018

Current ASX Drilling Information (Drilling commencement & results):