All paid subscriptions gain access to all ASX mining stocks information including;

  • Company financial information including quarterly cashflow, half yearly and annual reports
  • Company Director and Senior Management
  • Company Top 20 Shareholders, number of shares and percentage of share
  • Company projects, commodities, location and more
  • Access to our new forum
  • No reports are included for monthly or quarterly subscriptions
  • Annual Single & 5 Users subscriptions include access to all reports
MakCorps Daily Podcasts
Listen to MakCorps daily #podcasts providing an overview of the #ASX #Resource sector.
Insights on performances & analysis on stocks,commodities, project locations,& more

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2019 ASX Resources Top 10 % Gain Loss

Below is the list of the TOP 10 ASX Resources By % Gain or Loss.  Also includes share price as of the start of each year for 2017,2018 & 2019.  High lighted yellow are final price & percentage gain or loss for 2019.

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Watch this video to see how to find projects quickly using MakCorp
Want to see how you can research #ASX #TSX #TSXV #mining #projects data quickly? See how with MakCorp via

#Commodities #Stages #Locations & more
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MakCorp Overview

MakCorp is an extensive database of market intelligence for ASX Resource companies.  There are over 500 data points that include;

  • Projects (including commodities, location, project stage, project evaluation points, resource/reserves & more)
  • Company board & senior management (including current & history, shares & % of companies they represent, remuneration, qualifications & more)
  • Top 20 Shareholders (including annual & daily movements, no of shares & %, and more)
  • Data analysis, & reports (including capital raises, relationships, company & commodity performance, projects, directors, top 20 and more)

Current clients/industries using MakCorp;

  • Investors (including retail & sophisticated)
  • Corporate finance (including Banks, Accounting Firms, Capital Raise Companies)
  • Investor relations
  • Mining companies
  • Mining services
  • and more

Why MakCorp?

  • Accurate & current date data
  • Reduce research time by up to 90% (your time is precious)
  • To help make better informed investment decisions
  • Identify low and high risk opportunities quickly
  • Valuable tool & data for short term and long term investing
  • Compare projects, commodities, resource/reserves effectively
  • Valuable marketing tool for mining & mining services companies

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Spec-Capital, A helpful website on stocks and information for investors @ or follow them on Twitter @SPECCAPITAL

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A helpful overview of ASX Lithium projects

A helpful overview of ASX Lithium projects you might find of value,

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ASX Gold stocks update

ASX Gold stocks update, you mind find this helpful

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Worlds 10 Most Precious Metals

Hello All, I came across a website that may be of value to you. It shows you the worlds TOP 10 precious metals. It outlines their main uses and which countries their commonly found. Click here to view

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MakCorp Brochure

Click here to download MakCorp Brochure to see all the information and benefits of using our platform

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ASX Cobalt Companies

A list of 167 ASX Companies with exposure to Cobalt as of 20/12/2018.  This is an increase of 55 (approx 33%) companies from 23rd February 2018.

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Sample of our new powerful "advanced" search tool

Clients can easy search their criteria using our new powerful "Advanced" search tool.  In the sample, the criteria are for Commodity "Uranium", Project Stage "Advanced" (Projects from Scoping Study to Production), and Project Location "Australia".  This took less than 10 seconds to produce a list of 12 projects meeting these criteria.   This would usually take many many hours of your time to research.

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Helpful websites for investors & brokers

Government weblinks for Environmental & WA Gov - Mines Industry Regulation and Safety submissions and approvals process

        WA Gov - Mines Industry Regulation and Safety

                            WA Environmental Protection Assoc - Status of Active Formal Assessments

Helpful sites for news and ASX announcements

   Small Caps - Click here to read the latest news in the ASX Resource industry

   Stockhead - Click here to read the latest news in the ASX Resource industry

ASX Announcements, done better - Click here to view

Clients Testimonials using our research platform

“@makborppl thank you for #copper#data dump. Really like $AVB existing shareholder / no debt / solid cash flow. Not many good #copper plays. 
Airguide's Michael Landford (via Twitter)

It provides a huge time saving by being able to filter by commodity, country and project stage” 
Darren Jackson 

I found it very useful to quickly go through quite a few cobalt companies over few weeks, just the links to projects and cash positions are massive time savers, well worth the subscription when you are actively researching  

We have been using handy for ASX mining investors looking for specific commodity exposure & projects 
Sanlam AU (via Twitter)

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ASX List Of Cobalt Explorers

112 ASX Listed Companies exploring Cobalt (excludes companies suspended) as of Friday 23rd February 2018

Includes our clients Highlands Pacific Ltd (ASX: HIG) and Artemis Resources Ltd (ASX: ARV)

If anyone can find any ASX listed company missing from the list who are exploring COBALT will have access to the paid research area of our website for ONE MONTH free.  The must be an ASX announcement stating they exploring COBALT.  (Excludes tenement applications)

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Sample Directors Report
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